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Low noise large air conditioner for aircraft, small air conditioner for aircraft, fixed parking air conditioner, GPU (Ground Power Unit), APU (Auxiliary Power Unit),
Reduction of aviation fuel consumption, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

Business overview BUSINESS

We carry out performance tests after designing, manufacturing, and assembling large low-noise air conditioners for aircraft, small air conditioners for aircraft, and fixed parking air conditioning equipment. We deliver to main airports. Such a device is called "GPU" and contributes greatly to reducing the amount of aviation fuel used and carbon dioxide emissions.

Greetings GREETING

As a local heat control system company in Nagasaki, we will always stand on the global perspective, value creativity and planning ability, and manage the company with the idea of contributing to society and the global environment.


Yasuko Ohashi



In the development, design and manufacture design of aircraft heating and cooling vehicles and fixed heating and cooling equipment, we have applied to various fields such as refrigeration cycle systems for building heating and cooling systems, large vehicle systems, emergency generator systems, strong and weak electric systems, and system control systems. Since a wide range of deep technologies are required, experienced and abundant engineers are engaged in development and design work.


Based on the completed drawing, the manufacturing and assembly of the heating and cooling equipment is carried out by technicians who have acquired more advanced skills and techniques after fully mastering the basic techniques.


Is the completed air-conditioning system fully satisfied with the performance required by the customer with "quality first" as the top priority? An experienced quality manager makes full use of the latest performance measurement equipment and delivers it after sufficient testing and verification. Doing.



Low noise large air conditioner for aircraft

  • A heating and cooling vehicle for large aircraft with about 500 seats.

  • In the case of the air-conditioning vehicle delivered to New Chitose Airport, it has the ability to supply 0 ° C cold air, + 55 ° C hot air, and + 75 ° C hot air to prevent the airplane body from freezing in the midwinter. We are here.

  • It was used to support the disaster of the air-conditioning supply in the gymnasium where the victims are evacuating as disaster support in the event of the Chuetsu-oki earthquake.

Small air conditioner for aircraft

  • A heating and cooling vehicle for small aircraft with about 200 seats.

  • In recent years, airlines have begun to adopt small aircraft, so the frequency of use is increasing.

  • It was used for disaster support for air conditioning in the auditorium as a measure against the heat during the disaster procedure conducted at the Mashiki-cho auditorium during the Kumamoto earthquake.


Fixed parking air conditioning system

  • Air conditioning equipment installed at major main airports such as Chubu International Airport, Kansai Airport, and Narita Airport.

  • The function is the same as that of an air-conditioning vehicle, but there are two types, a hybrid system that uses commercial power from the ground and operates everything electrically, as well as a hybrid system that can be used with cold water during cooling and hot water during heating. We have adopted it.

Owned equipment FACILITIES

Electric power meter for performance test measurement
Vibrometer for performance test measurement, anemometer, sound level meter, tachometer
Performance test measurement PC, data logging, analysis software
Assembly crane (2.8 tons x 5 units)
Can making, surface plate for welding, electric welding machine, Tig welding machine
2D-CAD for design (Auto-CAD)
2D-CAD for design (Bel-CAD)
3D-CAD (SOLIDWORKS) for design and strength analysis
3D-CAD (Creo) for design and strength analysis

Company profile COMPANY

Zip code
3449-16 Hinamigo, Togitsu-cho, Nishisonogi-gun, Nagasaki
February 1981
phone number
Eco Action 21
Main client
Mitsubishi Electric Cold and Heat Plant, Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. Cold and Heat System Mfg. Nagasaki Factory, Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. Nagasaki Office, Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno Services
Other business bases
Daito Engineering Factory
3793 Hinamigo, Togitsu-cho,
Nishisonogi-gun, Nagasaki
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