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Flight-related instruments, electrical equipment, cabin equipment, wireless equipment, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment, generators, in-flight entertainment-related, calibration of measuring instruments

ANA Component Technics Inc.

Business overview BUSINESS

Repair and remodeling of aircraft equipment (electrical / electronic / wireless / cabin / hydraulic / pneumatic equipment, measuring instrument calibration, production of in-flight entertainment)

Greetings GREETING

All of the mechanic's high technical skills and passion are poured into the equipment that is wholesaled for maintenance, and it is returned to the airplane as high-quality equipment with added value. Our mission is to contribute significantly to the improvement of aircraft quality and flight quality of ANA Group airlines, and to provide customers with "safety," "safety," and comfortable cabin space.


Shunichi Shiga



In the maintenance of various equipment, each mechanic maintains the process from the beginning to the end with a focus on quality.


We are also in charge of calibration of measuring instruments, which are indispensable for in-flight entertainment and aircraft maintenance work, and continue to pursue improvement in overall quality as a company responsible for all equipment.



Electrical and electronic equipment

For electrical and electronic equipment, we maintain wireless communication equipment and cockpit instruments that play an important role in the safe flight of aircraft, as well as power-related electrical equipment that is indispensable for these equipment.


Pneumatic equipment

Pneumatic equipment includes air conditioning controllers and wing ice protection devices that utilize compressed air from the engine, and hydraulic equipment includes steering surface actuators that control the attitude of the aircraft and storage devices for aircraft legs. In addition, generator equipment is an important equipment that supplies electric power to the entire aircraft.


In-flight entertainment

In order for customers to enjoy carefully selected movies and original programs provided by ANA Group operated flights, we will convert and edit video and music content data, organize programs, and deliver them to the aircraft.


Electrical and electronic equipment

We certify the value indicated by the measuring instrument using a standard instrument with traceability up to the national standard such as length measuring instrument, electric measuring instrument, torque measuring instrument, pressure measuring instrument, mass / force measuring instrument. In addition to SI units, inch-pound units are also available.

Owned equipment FACILITIES

Non-destructive inspection equipment
Dedicated test equipment for maintenance of various other equipment

Company profile COMPANY

Zip code
mail address
6-78 Tsukubamachi, Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture
April 2012
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Main client
All Nippon Airways/All Nippon Airways Trading
Other business bases
Tokyo head office
3-5-5 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo
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